FRI/SAT SPECIAL. Sneak peek!

Blackened scallops, honey-chipotle chicken taco, salad, Corona (or wine, tea, coffee, juice or pop).. 30 bucks. HUBBA HUBBA! Extraordinarily delicious – I got to try it today!  :D I dare you to find a better taco  ;)

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A message from the chef

“You are all cordially invited to a beautiful dinner at my place tonight. From myself, the chefs, servers and all of our staff, we thank you for supporting our fresh, local and authentic approach to food. I hope to see you all soon!”

-Tony, Chef/Owner

“Vous êtes tous chaleuresement invités chez moi ce soir pour un splendide repas. Les chefs, les serveurs, toute l’équipe et moi-même vous remercions pour votre soutient inconditionnel! Nous espérons vous voir bientôt.”

-Tony, Chef/Propriétaire


Ever have shepherd’s pie when you were a kid? Not like this you didn’t! Put away the cold mashed potatoes and come spice up your Thursday with a hot Greek Moussaka dish with spiced lamb, zucchini, eggplant, and Béarnaise sauce… ABSOLUTE MUST TRY! Served with an appetizer of baguette & Red Pepper/Feta dip. All yours for just 25 bucks.

Oh yeah, and when you order the Moussaka, get a HALF-LITRE of Shiraz or Sauv Blanc for only 15 bucks! Let your friends know about this awesome deal by linking this post to facebook, twitter, etc! We’re open ’til 9 tonight.



Tuesday Specials

Come in around 1 when you won’t have to wait for a table! :D

Soup: Mulligatawny (incredible mixture of curry and apple. Must try!)
Quiche: Roasted red pepper or Spinach & feta (while supplies last)
Pasta: Bacon double cheeseburger penne
Pizza: Chicken florentine (pictured – Our handrolled pizza dough with a mouth-watering spinach & garlic base; chicken; and wild mushrooms.)
Vol-au-Vent: Chicken a la king



A lot of you probably come in around noon when there is ALWAYS a wait for a table as well as takeout. Come in a little later, around 1 or 2, and you won’t have to wait nearly as long! What a lot of people have been doing is coming in around 1 or 2 o’clock for dessert and coffee or afternoon tea and biscuits, including Tony, who you can catch every Saturday and Sunday in the dining room with his wife for afternoon tea.

Tuesday specials!

Tuesday specials!


Saturday is cheesecake day! Because why not? Especially when it’s Tony’s blueberry cheesecake.


Friday Specials

Soup: Cream of Mushroom
Quiche: Mediterranean
Pasta: Pesto Scallop
Pizza: Barbecue Chicken
Chef’s Choice: Marinated Shrimp & Halibut Taco w Mango Salsa

Thursday Special

All the staff here were craving seafood today, so Chef Benoit threw some fresh Atlantic shrimp into a marinade of red wine vinegar, smoked paprika, garlic & citrus, and the results are… well, come in and find out! Suffice it to say that our cravings have been satisfied.

Chef’s Choice tonight is the shrimp appetizer followed up by a halibut taco with fresh mango salsa and cilantro cream. Tonight’s bonus: Order the Chef’s Choice and get a half litre of either Shiraz or Sauv Blanc for 15 bucks.

It’s a good Thursday.

Marinated Shrimp

Saturday specials

Saturday 8 Feb Specials:

Pasta: Clam Spaghettini

Chef’s Choice: Baked clam melt and Stuffed chicken breast with goat cheese and red pepper coulis.

Clam Spaghettini




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